Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tweet @ Temenos Releases New Outfits!

The adorable and shy Sumire Mochi of Tweet has finally released two new outfits at the store in Temenos Island...after much needling, pressuring and tickling. Woot for new Tweet goodies!

I have been poking and prodding Sumire for her new stuff since the day after she released her first few outfits months ago, but she is a perfectionist and tends to rework every outfit 5000 times before she is willing to let it go. Well, last night I poked and prodded even harder and told her I expected to see some of em up today. No more hiding em, no more excuses! They are gorgeous, unique and totally fresh, and it was time the SL world saw em.

So, I was happy to log in today and see two of em at least waiting and ready. Dressy, springy Emiko, and the more casual, sunny Fukiko. If you are a fan of cute, anime, original designs, retro fabrics and looks, or just plain love unigueness and originality...Tweet is for you and these two new outfits won't disappoint.

Check em out at Temenos Island now...oh...and Sumire...I know you have others hidden. I will tickle em out of you, girl.

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