Monday, November 17, 2008

Sale Extended - One More Day

Like it says, I have decided to extend the New Release Sale on the Version II redesigned Voodoo Neko skins another day! The response to the newest skins has been amazing, and I wanted to allow everyone an extra day to grab up their favorites before the regular prices arrive now that I have all the fatpacks and bundles priced and up as well.

So, tell your friends and get them out there to take advantage of the current 25% off sale before it's gone!

Teleport Now!

P.S. -

Guys...I haven't forgotten you, so fear not! The girls may have gotten theirs a bit earlier, but I would never leave my furry male friends out in the cold. I started on the redesign of the male version today, and will have your skins up as soon as I can manage. Just hang tight a bit longer! :3

Friday, November 14, 2008


NEW RELEASE SALE @ ~ Voodoo ~ at Temenos ! :: November 14th, 2008

Voodoo Neko Skins :: Version II -

Yes, the long-promised Version II release of my totally redesigned neko skins are here! Eight skin tones available, including a new darker black, and a lighter grey. Each skin tone has been reworked to make each more unique than before. Each skin tone has three versions available for the release: Leopard, Tabby, and Tiger. Yes, the Tiger striped skins I promised ages ago are finally out. :3

I have greatly expanded the makeup options, with over 30 available makeup combinations per skin style. In addition, each skin purchased comes with a second eyebrow option for free, as well as having both natural and shaved pubic choices this time around.

I have, as well, reworked the old neko ears and tails with new textures to match these Version II skins, and included a basic set with each skin free of charge.

One Weekend Only! 25% off! -

To celebrate finally finishing these skins , I am releasing them for the first weekend at 25% off the regular planned price. But, only for the initial Fri, Sat, and Sun. That's Nov. 14th thru 16th only...then the normal prices will arrive. So drop in and grab up your favorites now while they are on sale!

Just a few samples of the dozens of makeup designs up:

Available now on the 3rd floor of the Boneflower Building at the new Temenos Place. From the Telehub you can use the "Nekos" teleport option under the Jungle Voodoo name to jump straight to the area. :3 Or use the SLURL link below to hop straight in!

Teleport Now!

- Zoe