Monday, November 17, 2008

Sale Extended - One More Day

Like it says, I have decided to extend the New Release Sale on the Version II redesigned Voodoo Neko skins another day! The response to the newest skins has been amazing, and I wanted to allow everyone an extra day to grab up their favorites before the regular prices arrive now that I have all the fatpacks and bundles priced and up as well.

So, tell your friends and get them out there to take advantage of the current 25% off sale before it's gone!

Teleport Now!

P.S. -

Guys...I haven't forgotten you, so fear not! The girls may have gotten theirs a bit earlier, but I would never leave my furry male friends out in the cold. I started on the redesign of the male version today, and will have your skins up as soon as I can manage. Just hang tight a bit longer! :3

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