Thursday, January 01, 2009

Summer Has Come to Second Life!

Sundresses for New Years!!

They say misery can inspire the artist. In my cause, I think it's more the attempt to avoid thinking about my misery that has inspired these new dresses. Normally I love winter. Snuggling tight under blankets in the cold, the snow; they all have fond memories for me normally. But this year, with no one to snuggle with any longer, I feel perhaps this season has worn out it's welcome with me. These sundresses are the result of my thinking forward to warmer times, literally and figuratively.

There are six patterns, all rather retro, so hopefully there will be something that will appeal to everyone. The clothing layer is available on both jacket and shirt and pants for some options in dressing up. So, if you are like me right now, and ready for summer, come by and grab one of these cute numbers!

Available now on the 4th floor of the Boneflower Building at the new Temenos Place. From the Telehub you can use the "Clothes" teleport option under the Boneflower store name to jump straight to the area. :3 Or use the SURL below to hop straight in!

Teleport Now!