Monday, November 17, 2008

Sale Extended - One More Day

Like it says, I have decided to extend the New Release Sale on the Version II redesigned Voodoo Neko skins another day! The response to the newest skins has been amazing, and I wanted to allow everyone an extra day to grab up their favorites before the regular prices arrive now that I have all the fatpacks and bundles priced and up as well.

So, tell your friends and get them out there to take advantage of the current 25% off sale before it's gone!

Teleport Now!

P.S. -

Guys...I haven't forgotten you, so fear not! The girls may have gotten theirs a bit earlier, but I would never leave my furry male friends out in the cold. I started on the redesign of the male version today, and will have your skins up as soon as I can manage. Just hang tight a bit longer! :3

Friday, November 14, 2008


NEW RELEASE SALE @ ~ Voodoo ~ at Temenos ! :: November 14th, 2008

Voodoo Neko Skins :: Version II -

Yes, the long-promised Version II release of my totally redesigned neko skins are here! Eight skin tones available, including a new darker black, and a lighter grey. Each skin tone has been reworked to make each more unique than before. Each skin tone has three versions available for the release: Leopard, Tabby, and Tiger. Yes, the Tiger striped skins I promised ages ago are finally out. :3

I have greatly expanded the makeup options, with over 30 available makeup combinations per skin style. In addition, each skin purchased comes with a second eyebrow option for free, as well as having both natural and shaved pubic choices this time around.

I have, as well, reworked the old neko ears and tails with new textures to match these Version II skins, and included a basic set with each skin free of charge.

One Weekend Only! 25% off! -

To celebrate finally finishing these skins , I am releasing them for the first weekend at 25% off the regular planned price. But, only for the initial Fri, Sat, and Sun. That's Nov. 14th thru 16th only...then the normal prices will arrive. So drop in and grab up your favorites now while they are on sale!

Just a few samples of the dozens of makeup designs up:

Available now on the 3rd floor of the Boneflower Building at the new Temenos Place. From the Telehub you can use the "Nekos" teleport option under the Jungle Voodoo name to jump straight to the area. :3 Or use the SLURL link below to hop straight in!

Teleport Now!

- Zoe

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Great Wall of Pants

Seems I have been in a totally pants mood lately...

The result has been maybe a bit extreme, but then I am known for my extremes if nothing else I suppose. After the brocade pants I did last week, I decided to give some jeans a go once more. I had been wanting to do some more jeans for some time, and why not now while pants were in my head anyway? However, it didn't stop with a pair or two of new jeans. Oh, no, it didn't stop until there were dozens and dozens of designs up and I had created The Great Wall of Pants:

Here you will now find pants of many designs, and of every country I could force my small mind to recall (please...if your country's flag is not on a pair of my pants, do not feel it is an intentional slight. I am old and forgetful, nothing more.), as well as messy pants, splattered pants, bleached pants, Tinkerbell pants (I am a Tink fan) and flaming pants.

These jeans are low-rise, but very few of them are overly "girlie", so the guys can wear em despite the images being of a female model. Later I will make a few standard waist pairs of the more popular styles, for those who dislike low-rise pants. As always, No transfer, so I can replace them. For now they are each sold separately. Later I will offer some sets at vastly reduced price once I get around to packaging them up. But at 75L$ I don't think they are overly expensive even for newbies.

Just a few examples:

As always, feedback is not only welcome, but greatly appreciated.

These new jeans are on the 4th floor of the new Boneflower building at Temenos Place. The "Clothes"option beneath the Boneflower Name on the teleporter will take you on up for those in a hurry.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

I Need Opinions - Shite or Not Shite?

I started work over a year and a half ago (maybe 2 years now, not sure) on a version 2 of all my Neko products. The original skins were some of the first products I released way way back at the end of 2005 or so I think and I have always felt they needed updating even though they used to sell well. Used to being the important part of that sentiment. Nothing of mine sells well now...but that tends to happen when you go crazy, disappear and don't release anything new for over a year or more - People forget you exist. And of course, I am no longer the only person in SL selling neko skins the way I used to be. That probably doesn't help. So...what the fuck was I writing about anyway/ oh...right...the version 2 shite.

Well, I started on updating those old neko skins a long time ago. I redid the tabby housecat stripes from scratch, added a lightened belly fur to the skin, and made adjustments to the face, eyebrows, makeup, etc to be more in line with my newer skins. I also tried a quick test for some tiger stripes, since people have always seemed to confuse the tabby striped skins for tiger skins and complained the stripes weren't prominent enough. The idea was to update the whole line. Add more options to the ears and scripting, throw in lots of interactive stuff and new features and release the whole new line when I designed a new store for more space.

Well, I did eventually have Teiko make me a new store...which is open now over 2 years after starting that idea. I also did prototypes of the new neko skin idea back then and then I didn't follow up. Like so much junk half-finished in my inventory. the prototypes are still sitting in a folder, but I spiraled out of control, went crazy again, and lost all motivation and ability to work or think straight for a year or more and here I am now looking at these old prototype version 2 skins and asking myself...are they shite or not? Should I continue with em or start over yet again?

Now...I am making a massive assumption here. Namely that even if i do decide to do anything with these or start over, that I will indeed complete something this time. That is a huge if for me right now at this stage of my recovery. Huge if. But...assuming i may be able to pull that off and I might actually work on a new set of neko skins...should I use these prototypes? Are they good enough, different enough, updated enough and simply not shite enough to be worth it?

I have a hard time answering that myself. I am my own worst critic, and I always hate my own art, my own work. That's hate. As in it fuckin' is trash. So it's hard for me to look at any of my stuff objectively. So, I decided...hey, while I have enough guts to post a blog today, let's just ask anybody out there still reading this what they feel. Shite? or Not Shite?

To that are some images of the prototypes:

The Leopard Version 2 Prototype -

The Tabby Version 2 Prototype -

The Tiger Version 2 Prototype -

No, not the best pictures, but the ads are the same style as the old skins, so you could compare against the old look if you wanted to. They still need work even if they aren't shite, but the question I bother with em at all? Hell...while you are at it and taking the time to comment (assuming anyone does), let me know if I should just scrap the neko stuff completely from my list of future works. I mean, honestly...when i did the original neko skins it was because no one was making any that I could find. they were rare, unique and new back then. But now nekos are so common you can't avoid stepping on a tail anywhere there are more than two people together, and seems every store out there has and makes neko parts and skins now. Is it time to move on to other stuff? If not, do I use these and continue with version 2? or scrap them and work on version 3 all anew?

Anyway. just some rambling, musing, and a cheap way to make all of you answer my questions and make up my fucked up mind for me. Yeah, I am lazy. Wanna do the actual work too? >_>

P.S. - Please, please, please don't ask me when these will be released. I get enough of that already, and seeing as I don't even know if I will do anything with them at all, I sure don't have any timetable. Hell, I don't have timetables for anything in my life just now, let alone new releases and stuff.

Anyone Want in My Pants?

After over a year of struggling and pushing myself to find some last remaining shred of motivation and creativity at the bottom of this evil fuckin' pit I have been in, i finally have something to show for it. Something small, and I am sure insignificant really, but something that nevertheless is of massive importance to me: Pants.

Okay, so pants aren't generally sen as anything special or monumental, I'll give you that. But in the scheme of my current life, depression, and issues, having been able to fight my way up enough the last few days to finally make something - anything - is a major fuckin' victory for me. Yes, it remains just some pants...but it hopefully says to my ever spiraling an doubting self that I can indeed pull myself out of this tailspin and get back to work someday soon. Maybe.

Anyway, enough of that are the pants...

They are women's low-rise slacks and come in 8 colours on both pants and underpants layers. No transfer, as usual for my clothes, so I can replace stuff SL's asshat servers eat. I was told a few times to make more pants because I seem to rarely make them...well, here they are. >_>

Currently only available at the main Temenos Place store on the 4th floor of the Boneflower building. The Teleporter at the hub will take you there if you right click and port from the "Clothes" option under the Boneflower sign.

Now...let's see if this new me is a one trick pony or if I can manage to force myself to make something else... @__@

Friday, July 25, 2008

Temenos Place - New Store Kinda Open

Yeah, I am back from the dead...or maybe the undead. Sorta anyway. After a bit of a stay in the padded room, I have crawled back to SL in the last few weeks and tried to get a few minor things done. Admittedly, it's not much yet, but something is still a huge deal to me considering.

Anyway, Teiko managed to set up the new store build she had begun last year after a lot of changes and moving stuff. I had to sell off all my other islands and just held onto the original Temenos, so the new build had to go up in place of the old one instead of on it's own island. Still, after a series of messes and lots of fucking up on my end, things are finally set up and all the products are moved from the old location on top the volcano down to the new blue glass store on the beach.

There is a lot of work still to do on the build to make it how I want, and to finish filling it up, but its a start.

As part of trying to jump start the neglected and failing business that supports my sorry ass and that of my kids, I have marked down most of my older stuff...meaning most everything I make anywhere from 20-40%. Not much new up yet, but that is the next hurdle to get myself over.

Raven Pennyfeather's Rfyre store is expanded and displayed more prominently in the main tower now, and I have begged and whined to other merchants whose work I like and who I consider friends to set up in some of the additional store space the new build offers, including soon, the Loony Bin by Malady Loon, and perhaps Pain Toys. :3

New teleporter system is up and working. Hopefully it isn't too confusing.

Now to try to beat some creativity and motivation into my thick head and get some long overdue new products out... *sigh*

- Zoe