Friday, July 25, 2008

Temenos Place - New Store Kinda Open

Yeah, I am back from the dead...or maybe the undead. Sorta anyway. After a bit of a stay in the padded room, I have crawled back to SL in the last few weeks and tried to get a few minor things done. Admittedly, it's not much yet, but something is still a huge deal to me considering.

Anyway, Teiko managed to set up the new store build she had begun last year after a lot of changes and moving stuff. I had to sell off all my other islands and just held onto the original Temenos, so the new build had to go up in place of the old one instead of on it's own island. Still, after a series of messes and lots of fucking up on my end, things are finally set up and all the products are moved from the old location on top the volcano down to the new blue glass store on the beach.

There is a lot of work still to do on the build to make it how I want, and to finish filling it up, but its a start.

As part of trying to jump start the neglected and failing business that supports my sorry ass and that of my kids, I have marked down most of my older stuff...meaning most everything I make anywhere from 20-40%. Not much new up yet, but that is the next hurdle to get myself over.

Raven Pennyfeather's Rfyre store is expanded and displayed more prominently in the main tower now, and I have begged and whined to other merchants whose work I like and who I consider friends to set up in some of the additional store space the new build offers, including soon, the Loony Bin by Malady Loon, and perhaps Pain Toys. :3

New teleporter system is up and working. Hopefully it isn't too confusing.

Now to try to beat some creativity and motivation into my thick head and get some long overdue new products out... *sigh*

- Zoe

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Alyx Sands said...

Zoe, it's good to have you back. I was really worried from what I read on your other blog. I have...*issues of a certain kind* myself and for months vacillated between wanting to ignore your apparent plight and wanting to impose my non-wisdom and sympathy on you, a total stranger...
*cautious hugs*

Alyx Sands