Saturday, August 02, 2008

Anyone Want in My Pants?

After over a year of struggling and pushing myself to find some last remaining shred of motivation and creativity at the bottom of this evil fuckin' pit I have been in, i finally have something to show for it. Something small, and I am sure insignificant really, but something that nevertheless is of massive importance to me: Pants.

Okay, so pants aren't generally sen as anything special or monumental, I'll give you that. But in the scheme of my current life, depression, and issues, having been able to fight my way up enough the last few days to finally make something - anything - is a major fuckin' victory for me. Yes, it remains just some pants...but it hopefully says to my ever spiraling an doubting self that I can indeed pull myself out of this tailspin and get back to work someday soon. Maybe.

Anyway, enough of that are the pants...

They are women's low-rise slacks and come in 8 colours on both pants and underpants layers. No transfer, as usual for my clothes, so I can replace stuff SL's asshat servers eat. I was told a few times to make more pants because I seem to rarely make them...well, here they are. >_>

Currently only available at the main Temenos Place store on the 4th floor of the Boneflower building. The Teleporter at the hub will take you there if you right click and port from the "Clothes" option under the Boneflower sign.

Now...let's see if this new me is a one trick pony or if I can manage to force myself to make something else... @__@

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