Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Great Wall of Pants

Seems I have been in a totally pants mood lately...

The result has been maybe a bit extreme, but then I am known for my extremes if nothing else I suppose. After the brocade pants I did last week, I decided to give some jeans a go once more. I had been wanting to do some more jeans for some time, and why not now while pants were in my head anyway? However, it didn't stop with a pair or two of new jeans. Oh, no, it didn't stop until there were dozens and dozens of designs up and I had created The Great Wall of Pants:

Here you will now find pants of many designs, and of every country I could force my small mind to recall (please...if your country's flag is not on a pair of my pants, do not feel it is an intentional slight. I am old and forgetful, nothing more.), as well as messy pants, splattered pants, bleached pants, Tinkerbell pants (I am a Tink fan) and flaming pants.

These jeans are low-rise, but very few of them are overly "girlie", so the guys can wear em despite the images being of a female model. Later I will make a few standard waist pairs of the more popular styles, for those who dislike low-rise pants. As always, No transfer, so I can replace them. For now they are each sold separately. Later I will offer some sets at vastly reduced price once I get around to packaging them up. But at 75L$ I don't think they are overly expensive even for newbies.

Just a few examples:

As always, feedback is not only welcome, but greatly appreciated.

These new jeans are on the 4th floor of the new Boneflower building at Temenos Place. The "Clothes"option beneath the Boneflower Name on the teleporter will take you on up for those in a hurry.


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