Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Snowflake Sweaters for Christmas!

NEW RELEASE @ < boneflower > at Temenos ! :: December 20th, 2011


Boneflower ::  Unisex 
Snowflake Sweaters -

Comfy, warm turtleneck sweaters are a staple of anyone's wardrobe, especially at this time of year. The new snowflake sweater come in a 4 colour variations: Blackest Night, Grey Clouds, Midnight Blue, and Blue Skies. They are totally unisex, so is quite suitable for guys or girls. The sweaters have sculpted sleeves and collar.

Get them at the floaty store in Temenos by the Christmas display in the New Releases area...

boneflower @ temenos place

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

boneflower is on teh intarwebs

Yes, I finally broke down and created official Facebook and Twitter accounts for Zoe and Boneflower, so you can now find us on teh intarwebs! So, if you ever wanted to know what I am up to, what new things I might be making, or when something is released at Temenos, you can easily find the answers to these and other burning questions of monumental importance online. Here are the links:

Facebook Fan Page for Boneflower
Please like me (I am needy that way)

Twitter account for Boneflower
Follow us (but not in a stalkerish way, please)

And, for those who remember who I am and the even fewer who care:

Facebook Page for Zoe Llewelyn - Will you be my friend? @___@