Monday, February 09, 2009


NEW RELEASE SALE @ ~ Voodoo ~ at Temenos ! :: February 8th, 2009

Voodoo Male Neko Skins :: Version II -

Yes, the long-promised Version II release of my totally redesigned neko skins for the men is here! Eight skin tones available, including a new darker black, and a lighter grey. Each skin tone has been reworked to make each more unique than before. Each skin tone has three versions available for the release: Leopard, Tabby, and Tiger. Yes, the Tiger striped skins I promised ages ago are finally out. Now for you guys too! :3

These Version II :: Voodoo :: Neko Boi skins are designed specifically to compliment and serve as counterpart to the female Version II skins released in November of last year.

I have started with 3 eye makeup styles similar to the girls versions, and a basic selection of both clean-shaven and bearded combinations per skin style. (I plan to later add some actual lipstick and makeup choices beyond the lipgloss version I have now for the guys once I decide exact looks.) In addition, each skin purchased comes with both natural and shaved pubic choices this time around, as requested by some of my femme guy friends.

I have, as well, reworked the old neko ears and tails with new textures to match these Version II skins, and included a basic set with each skin free of charge.

Just a few samples of the men's skin options up:

Available now on the 3rd floor of the Boneflower Building at the new Temenos Place. From the Telehub you can use the "Nekos" teleport option under the Jungle Voodoo name to jump straight to the area. :3 Or use the SLURL below to hop straight in!


- Zoe

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