Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thrift Store Goodness!

This weeks new releases were inspired by one of my favorite places to shoppe in real life...the thrift stores. My daughter and I both adore thrift stores as you can find the bestest, freakiest forgotten and once-loved-but-now-disgarded treaures imaginable. Retro is always in for me, as is bohemian and funky clunky looks, and where better to find them than a thrift store, right?

So, I wanted to offer a nice bohemian long skirt...the type of I wear a lot of in real life and find very comfy...and a matching top or two. I started looking for fabric ideas and ended up finding so many cool, retro, and contemporary fabrics I adored, I just had to use em at least some of em. My one skirt and blouse became over 11 different fabric, counting the freebie plain black I tossed in at the last minute. I ended up breaking the skirts and tops up seperately in case people just wanted one or the other as they are very mix and matchable with other looks and styles, and added the Thrift Store label to the old, clunky combat boots I was making too while I was at it, ending up with what we are offering this week at Boneflower Designs in Temenos...the Thrift Store Collection...

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