Sunday, September 10, 2006

Excuse the First...

Umm...yeah, I haven't been very good at updating this thing yet have I? I suppose I could give you some good excuses, like being too busy making new content to blog, or real life craziness, or something, but instead I will just give you the truth...purple alien kittens of Doom kidnapped me and wouldn't let me blog. Really. I mean it.

Either that or I have been lazy and not sure what to say, like usual.

But! I plan to make blogging my work here a new part of my daily life and activity! No...I mean it this time. Wait! Come back, I promise! I am serious even...please?

Really. I plan to be offerring up blog posts at least once a week or more when I release new stuff. I will force myself to do it the same as I now force myself to walk in the park every day. Well...most every day. It will become a part of my new releases habit. Honestly. It will.

So, watch here for new releases, and other general insanity, thoughts and excuses in the furture. They will arrive. Yes, really.

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