Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thrift Store Rummaging Part Deux

I happened to mention in passing to a friend that I was gonna make myself some Asian fabric variations of the Thrift Store skirts and blouses...just because I adore Asian fabrics. I was promptly battered with demands for them and threatened with vile and evil things if I didn't hand them over post haste.

So, due to popular demand...and threats upon my Second Life...I am releasing a second set of Thrift Store Skirts and Thrift Store Blouses, this time in 10 different Asian fabrics. As with the first set, the skirts match the blouses, and they are even more mix and matchable than the original sets were!

They can be found in the New Releases area for Boneflower Designs on the first floor of the main Temenos Island store as always. Hope you enjoy em.

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