Monday, September 18, 2006

Hoodies from Hell!

Can I scream now?

Okay, so hoodies don't seem that scary on first glance I don't suppose. Still, by the time these creatures were released yesterday afternoon, I was pulling my hair and biting my lip in frustration and insanity. Sometimes, a simple idea can become just plain horrific and a bad day can only make it worse.

I had hoodies on my BLOTTD for many months now, and kept putting them off time and again. I am an expert at procrastination, and my big list grows daily, becoming an ever more daunting monster to slay it seems. But, finally, the day of the hoodie came, the muse whispered, and I was inspired.

Sitting down and painting the textures was the easy part. When I have the muse to guide me, such things go fast and simply and the textures are ready before you can blink. When the muse is she is far to often these days...doing any painting is torture, takes forever, and the result is way below par. But, I caught a break this time, and she was ready to help. I had waited until Friday to even start on a release for this last week, but despite my procrastination, these textures were ready in short order. That left the harder part...building the hoods in world.

Saturday went something like this: Zoe logs into SL. Zoe is attacked by IMs. Zoe fends off IMs and tries to build hoods. Zoe crashes or SL falls down and breaks a leg. Zoe logs back in in frustration to find rollback of her work. Zoe redoes work on hoods. Zoe is attacked by IMs. Zoe fends off IMs. Zoe looks at hoods and hates em. Zoe starts over. Zoe crashes or SL falls down. Zoe screams.

By Saturday night I was tired, driven to total insanity, and frustrated as all fuck. I had decided to not rework the hoods for the millionth time and finally added hair to the up hood. Next came the task of texturing all the variations of hair possible on the hood. 14 hair colours were choosen from my standard hair textures and in a while, I had a passable grey hoodie with down hood and 14 hair colours of up hood.

This was where I did the stupid thing I always do. Yeah, that thing. I decided to do "variations" of the hoodie. A single, simple grey jersey hoodie wsn't good enough for had to do like I always do and get carried away and make 9 colours of the bloody arsed thing instead. Nine colours of hoodie doesn't sound bad at first. Until you realize you have 14 different hair versions of the up hood to do in 9 colours. 9 X 14 = insane Zoe.

So, I work on this tedious, mind-numbing prceedure well into the night and get 4 of 14 versions done. >.< Time to sleep. I get up and finish the rest on Sunday morning. Yay. They are done. Now I can package em and sell em, right?


No, next comes the part I hate most...the photo shoot. This excrustiating hell is made worse recently by the wonderful "crash everytime you take a screenshot if using scripted objects" bug. But, I want this done. I am nothing if not totally obsessive about finishing a project once I finally get one started, so I press on. The shoot doesn't go well. But finally it's over. I move to making the ads.

Since I use a template for my ads, plug in text and pictures is fairly simple...assuming I took the needed screenshots. Which I discover I didn't. Some colours are missing...back to SL to take them. Back to Photoshoppe to finish ads.

Finally, I am standing in the store, staring at a blank vendor, ad textures in hand. Should be down hill from here, yes? if you are Zoe.

I get attacked by Ims, customers, friends, and griefers all during this process of loading and texturing and naming the akes me almost 2 hours to do. As if that isn't bad enough...the current copy bugs make loading the vendor an exercise in self torture.

So you say, "You are done now and can rest, right, Zoe?"


I decided I wasn't offering enough options, and needed to give the customers some more for their buck. So, the one tee shirt I had turns into 5 tee shirts...wait...add a few more. Then I decide to add a pair of basic low-rise jeans just to boot...and wait...need to make a plain version of the hoodie with no Mew Uni logo...some may not like logos...and wait... *sigh*

So, I stand here, bombarded by Ims and attacked and mauled by customers and friends as I try to photoshoppe up some more stuff to include.

Finally, it's all in the vendors, it's all set up, named, priced, and for sale. Can I die now?

No. Gotta blog it. Fuck. That can wait until Monday.

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Great Work!!!