Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sheer Naughtiness!

Yeah, I am kinda cheating this week, I know. Two new releases in one day and both are just revisions of previous work. Lame-o, huh?

Well, this set was actually created many many months ago and I kinda sat on it until now. Partly because I was too laxy to put it all together, do photo shoots and make ads...and partly because I figured I already had the original lace camisole, panties, bra, and stockings out there. Yeah, these are different, and sexy too. But, I still kinda thought maybe I should knock off the 9 bajillion versions I tend to do of stuff and just leave this one out for once. Well...willpower isn't my thing really. =P

So, I finally decided to do an ad for these collection and let people have it if they want it. More choices is good, yes? I hope so anyway, since I tend to offer lots of choices on most stuff I make. In this case, the camis, bras, panties and stocking are identical to the previous set, in all the same colours...but very sheer. this is the set for those who like to hint at a little something...or more than a little.

Unlike the previous sets I decided to bundle these up all together (mainly as I am outta room at the box = less room than 4 boxes) and offer them for a 25% discount.

So, you get:

Sheer Lace Camisoles
Sheer Lace Bras
Sheer Lace Panties
Sheer Lace Stockings

All in 8 colours...Black, White, Beige, Grey, Lilac, Rose, Sky, and Mint. The stockings come in Knee Highs and Thigh Highs, and the Camisoles are on both undershirt and shirt layers.

Just a little something extra for those who like some naughtiness. As always...available in the New Releases area of the Temenos Island main temple...

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