Saturday, September 23, 2006

And the Mice Will Play...

Most the time the items, skins, clothes and projects I work on are things I have had on my BLOTTD for months or more. Things I have wanted in Second Life myself but haven't found or haven't found versions of that quite fit what I was I make em. But, on rare occassion, I get an idea on the spur of the moment and run with it. Inspiration from the muses, lightning flash of insight...whatever ya wanna call it. When it happens, it's usually one of the faster and more fun projects, and I tend to enjoy it more even if it isn't a big popular seller.

Well, these Mouse Girl Avatars from the Jungle Voodoo line are such a project.

Thursday night as I laid in bed, waiting to fall asleep, I pondered the next days work, as I usually do. But this time, something someone had said lingered in my mind, stewed and became something. I lay there and turned over this idea in my head. If wild nekos ran a at Temenos Island...who would be the natural submissives, slaves and workers for such a cat society? Well...the mice, clearly! *giggles*

So, with the idea of submissive mice scurrying about the neko temple and village, I woke and set to work.

In short order I had a black and a white mouse skin roughed out. I reworked em a few times to get the pink subtle but noticeable on the nose and belly, and decided against doing more detailed fur on thses skins after trying it out. Next I converted my Neko ears and tail to work for mice. It was surprisingly simple, and in the end I had a cute mouse tail that flicked back and forth and adorable mousy ears that used the same script as my neko ears. Some pink mouse eyes, a set of little whiskers and all I needed was clothes.

I adapted my Cute Kitty Bell Collar for a mouse girl, and added the "Cat Toy" labelas a cute extra touch. Since the collar is modifiable, a user could change the label to something else...but I thought Cat Toy was a nice generic and appropriate Mouse Girl title. *grins*

Lastly I made the flexi silk top and skirt, different colours for each avatar and it was done. Half a day in total work from start to finish and yet it was still so adorable and I was so pleased with it I haven't been able to make myself not wear it since.

So...if you are a Neko Mistress or Master, or if you just like cute avatars or mice...this new complete set may be just right for you or your subbies. Could be a cute Halloween costume too, for a change of pace. *smiles*

Each Avatar is sold seperately. You get:

Mouse Girl Skin
Mouse Girl Hair
Mouse Girl Eyes
Mouse Girl Whiskers
Scripted Flexi Mouse Ears
Scripted Flexi Mouse Tail
Mouse Girl "Cat Toy" Collar w/Bell
Flexi Silks (Top and Bottom)

They are available in the Jungle Voodoo New Releases area on the first floor of the main Temenos Island Temple.

I adored making it and had such fun with it...I hope other people will find it as fun.

=^.^= Squeek!

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Cinomed Tweak said...

Thank you Zoe.... you are truely gifted, and Aru will be a mouse for a while I expect.