Friday, December 15, 2006

Mishka & Elizabeth Released @ Temenos!

Yes, I have finally released the first two dolls in the collection for sale...just in time for Christmas. It's been a long time coming since I first announced the new doll store, Heart of a Doll, Dolltopia, and set Mishka and Elizabeth up as advertisement. No, Dolltopia isn't open yet, but I felt the first two dolls should definately be released before here we are...finally! Both Mishka and Elizabeth can be found in the central lobby of the Temenos Island Temple.
Just right click on the displayed doll box you wish to purchase and select "Buy".

Gift Certficates are also available for both dolls if you wish to give as a gift!

Each doll includes: Shape, 2 Skins, Hair, Eyes, Full Clothing Outfit, Shoes, Unique Accessories, Retail Display Box, Biography and Birth Certificate!

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

I love these. Hey you should sometime consider doing a normal skin like the ones you had done for this. I really like the eyebrows on these, the color isn't greenish or blonde or whatever like a few of your other skins.

Anyway, beautiful job on these! I love them.

Nell said...

Hey, is Dolltopia ever going to open? It's been months now. :(