Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Zoe Llewelyn is ~ broken ~

It's been quite a while since I posted anything, or even since I released or worked on anything new in Second Life. So long...over three long, long months...that some people seem to have thought maybe I died. Well, sadly for them, no, Zoe is not dead, nor even horribly maimed. I am, however, quite ~ broken ~ in more ways than one.

Now, I know that no one comes to a fashion blog to hear the designers whine about their problems as if we are different in some way from the rest of the fucked up people out there...so I will spare you any rambling on the exact nature of my issues, and just say that I have a lot of them. So many that over the years, I have taken to considering myself one of the most fucked up, insane, and broken people I have known.

Why do I mention this now, in this blog, and after 3 months of silence? Well, the reason is two-fold. Firstly, it is why I have been away, hiding, and not working, releasing new stuffs, blogging here, or even logging into SL for weeks at a time. Holidays are not fun for lots of people, and I am among them. But as bad as the "holiday season" is for me, the first few months of the year are worse for me and usually result in me going into a deep, uncontrollable tailspin for a while. All due to my issues and fuckedupedness. Secondly, because when I finally did come back from my period of insanity, and started working again, I decided to finally design some of the dark, gothic, industrial, punk influenced fucked-up type clothes and accessories that I like most at my heart but have sorta avoided making yet in SL. Since this new style didn't really seem to fit with any of my current brands...guess what nutty Zoe did? Yes, she created yet another new brand name and clothing line...

The new store, ~ broken ~ is thus named after me. It represents me better in some ways than any of my previous work, and to be honest it just speaks to where I am in life at the moment: fucked up, angry at life, struggling, and quite broken inside.

So...here is the post to officially announce the newest store, brand and line of clothing, skins and accessories:

So, what does ~ broken ~ offer that my beelion previous brand names didn't? Something angrier. if you like your clothes made of leather, metal, spikes, broken glass, sheer materials, torn and dirty, edgy, shocking, and with a bit of a bite...~ broken ~ may be for you. It's highly inspired by my many real life interests and influences in style and clothing over the years, from Punk to Gothic, Industrial, Grunge, Vampires, and just about anything else fucked up enough to catch my dark, scary little mind's eye. yes, there is even some anime influence in it...but not the cutesy anime stuff.

The new ~ broken ~ line carries both male and female outfits and accessories, and will soon also sport gothic skins for both sex. Yes, indeed, you heard me...stuff for guys too. I have made a point, after a year of comments and suggestions from male customers and friends, to start designing more of my outfits to either be unisex, or have a male counterpart. There are plans down the road for hair, AOs, and anything else I feel is fucked-up enough to place in this brand.

The ~ broken ~ store is located temporarily in the volcano, under the lava at Temenos Island. There are a few signs with teleporters around to find your way there...or if you feel crazy enough, just jump into the lava. You will find it. Eventually, ~ broken ~ will move to its permenant home on the Isle of Damnation, just north of Temenos...but that is a ways off.


Willis said...

YAY for the broken people! Not a lot excites me in SL these days, but I do wanna log in and check this out! Thanks, Zoe!


LadyRaven said...

I love you....

I am one who is itching to get into designing, and I love to sew... Yeah, great designs... I have come up with similar stuff... anyways.. yeah...