Wednesday, March 14, 2007

~ broken ~ products

I wanted to toss some images up this morning of just a few of the new products now available at the ~ broken ~ store. Hopefully I will get even more done in the next few days. I plan to use today's downtime to work some new textures up, so we will see. For now, the items below are already up and available, among others...

Lucifer - This is a complete outfit, rather anime inspired, which includes my new ~ broken ~ strapped boots, pants, vest, shrug shirt, overcoat and gloves. The jacket, shirt and vest all come on seperate layers, or merged together on various layer versions for maximum flexibility.

Sheer Shirts - This is but one version of these silky semi-sheer shirts. There are eight different shirts available with various designs, each comes with a high collar and scooped collar version and they are completely unisex ad look so hot on the guys too. They include all layer options.

Body Belts - these ~ broken ~ strapped body belts are designed to match the boots, gauntlets, and waist belts all in the same style. This set comes with both upper arm bands, thigh bands, and a neck collar band. Unisex, and pre-sized for small and large avies.

Gauntlets - The strapped gauntlets match the rest of the options, including the boots, and come with fingerless under glove and prim parts for arm and hand. Pre-sized for men and women, as with the other items.

Strapped Belt - Belts have always been a bitch for me in SL. No one ever makes em small enough to fit my avatar, so I always look like I have a fuckin' truck tire around my waist. So, here is a new belt set that was designed for someone small like me and then sized up for the big people. It will fit most smaller avies (I am 4'9" in SL) though may still be a bit big on some children avatars. Totally kickin' on men or women.

Cross Corsets - Okies, these corsets aren't very unisex, but hey...gotta have a few kick-ass girlie things in there ya know? I have a corset fetish in SL and RL, and just can't resist making em. So, this is but one colour of 8. Yeah, they have a religious theme...sue me. I am a former catholic girl gone bad who spent years rebelling among the pagan withes. I got religious fixation issues, deal with it. Lots of the ~ broken ~ items will have religious themes, though not all will be Catholic oriented.

Not pictured, but also available are two styles of men's prim soul patches, some ribbon corset piercings, and whatever else I can't recall now. I plan a whole line of men's prim facial hair. I made myself a really hawt and drool-worthy bishie boi avatar to use in ads , and got obsessed with making him a soul patch. The idea grew outta that, and now I plan everything from demonic goatees to handlebar mustaches.

Coming up soon...plans for prim thigh high boots, stillettos, more kick-ass overcoats and trenchers, and lotsa stuff with spikes. Just to mention a few. Oh...and the vampire and gothic skins are still being tweaked and will arrive shortly. Male and female, yes.


beinglivy said...

Thank you, thank you for the smaller belts! Although my avie is tall, a small waist makes it hard to find good belts in sl, and I often just give up!

Tracy Scofield said...

Prim thigh high boots!!! *DROOL* Zoe you're a genius and I love the new line. Though Lucifer has made me a hermit - SL refuses to let me teleport when I'm wearing those boots but I could care less! Meh - the 200 prim necklace I added to the outfit didn't help I'm sure. lol