Friday, December 08, 2006

Peasant Blouses Released

I know, I know. While I have been playing with my dolls, I have rather ignored and neglected my other brands and product lines here recently. I know, and I do feel terrible about it. Honest. That's why I now make you all a peace offering in the form of Peasant Blouses.

Bohemian seems to be in this season, so these will fit right in. Cute, casual, they go great with jeans or that long skirt. Funky and ecclectic, which is just my thing. They come in an Autumn colour set of 7 and a Spring set of 7 colours...and as a complete set of all colours for a discount of course!

So, drop into the New Releases area of the main temenos Island temple store...first floor, along the back wall...they are up top. Hope you enjoy.

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