Friday, December 08, 2006

Dolltopia Update

I know it's been far longer since my last blog update than I had intended, but I have been working on the sim of Dolltopia the last month or so, and I am rather the obsessive type. =P

No, unfortunately, Dolltopia is not finished or ready to open yet, and isn't likely to open before Christmas as I had originally hoped. =( It's been a LOT of work, and I have been at it feverishly, but there is still a lot to do. Not to mention, the deciding factor in my difficult choice to delay open of the sim itself...most the other stores and store owners I have offered space for in Dolltopia aren't ready either. So, we will keep at it and open when it's actually done.

I do plan however to open a temporary store for The Heart of a Doll before Christmas to allow people to get the dolls I have made so far if they wish. That much I can definately do.

So, although Dolltopia is not open yet and still under construction, I thought I would give a small peek at things as they are so far. The pictures below are some of the attractions in Dolltopia as I have them built now, all made from scratch just for this sim, using a lot of custom painted textures (part of what is taking so long on this many seperate builds and so many textures for them).

For those of you who may not have heard about Dolltopia before, the sim is designed as a child, toy and doll friendly and oriented space where the joys and wonders of childhood can be relived, roleplayed, and the wounds that many of us experienced as real children can maybe be healed just a little. It's a PG sim, and designed as a safe and positive space for all...but I do plan to keep it that way and have a theme and rules in mind to facilitate that.

I have a roleplay background story written up for Dolltopia and the Queen of Dolls which I have also begun writing as an actual children's book I hope to publish, and I will be posting more on the story before the sim opens. The castle is the home of the Queen of Dolls and the Great Child, the village below it is the main store and shopping area. There is a doll school where dolls learn how to play with children, and a doll hospital for dolls that got played with a bit too roughly. There is a dock and a boat that brings dolls and children to and from the island, and a train that runs around most of the island. We have a doll adoption center where child avatars can be matched to dolls, and a lighthouse, and even the Isle of Misfit Toys of the west coast of Dolltopia where dolls and toys that are a and can be found.

Once the sim opens, and the businesses are running well, I hope to start holding or organizing a number of events and roleplay opportunities centered on children and dolls and toys as well. So many ideas, so much little time in a day.


Canimal said... no more teasing us, please!
Ever since I saw that first doll & the doll skins I was creaming myself & now that castle that just prays on every urge I had when I was a kid buying polly pocket homes & I havent felt this way for years but i NEEED that CASTLE!!

Ana Lutetia said...

So cool