Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meet Elizabeth...She's a Real Doll

Well, as I wrote about last week, I have a new store on the way that focuses on doll avatars and accessories. The Heart of a Doll will cater to people of all ages, styles, and tastes, offering over time dolls of many different varieties. The first doll I previewed was Mishka, a 16 year old Russian Gothic Lolita doll avatar in a cute little babydoll dress and pigtails. After much inner debate, stress on my poor brain, and a good deal of stomping about and throwing of many prims in frustration...I have finally completed the second in the forthcoming doll series.

Meet, Elizabeth, a 24 year old Victorian period porcelain doll from London.

With Elizabeth I went back to the basic skin and tried to make a paler, more porcelain look, changing some of the joints and removing the back battery panel. I made her dress, boots, hair and hat all from scratch and was rather pleased in the end with the look.

Like Mishka, she is currently on display in the lobby at Temenos Island as a sneak preview before The Heart of a Doll opens...hopefully in a week or two.

Now I start on the third doll, a cloth ragdoll type with a gothic horror bent hopefully still in time for halloween. I am finding it so hard to settle on which dolls to work on next as I have so, so many ideas fighting for dominance. In time they will all come into being, but for now they are each scrambling to be the next one I make, and that keps me in a constant state of confusion...well...more confusion.

In additional Doll-related news...

I placed an order for Dolltopia last week. Dolltopia will be a new sim entirely devoted to my dolls and the fun ideas they inspire. I have some special people in mind to help me with Dolltopia, and hope that once the sim opens and The Heart of a Doll and our other doll stores move in people will enjoy the fun, off-beat, and child-like atmosphere that we hope to give it. The entire Dolltopia team is very excited and eagerly awaiting delivery of the island so we can start playing...erm...building.

I will keep those interested in The Heart of a Doll and Dolltopia updated with sneak peaks and information here as things develop.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe. I apologise if replying to a post of yours from almost a year ago seems strange, but in a search for nice images to spark my own doll project, I came across your beautiful work on Elizabeth. I too am deeply fascinated by doll-like avatars, admittedly more the adult ones but nevertheless the kind seen from a Victorian childhood point of view.

So, I journey to Temenos, finding your notice in front of the beautiful cases you made. I cannot help but express my disappointment in Linden Labs for having tackled these scenarios with such blank dismissal. I'd heard about these rulings in their own blog, but hadn't realised this would be so wide-reaching as to encroach on something I now hold so dear to my Second Life.

My heart goes out to you for having had to cut such a dream short, and while I would obviously love to see it a reality someday, I understand and support your choice to to hold things off. I remain hopeful that some time we will see a much clearer response from the Lindens so that such play can continue.

Meanwhile, just know I'm loving your adorable photo shoot here! ;)