Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A New Song from Tweet

Sumire Mochi is probably the freshest, most unique new designer in all of Second Life. I have watched her work on her outfits since the start and I have never seen anyone so meticulous about every detail. Her imagination is truly a marvel and I envy her her vision.

So, it's always a huge treat to see her release something new, even if I have seen it slowly taking shape over weeks before. To see the finally product up and for sale gives me a nice jump start and inspires me.

So, it was nice when I woke up a week or so ago and found she had finished not only the next two outfits, but also had made a set of gorgeous prim umbrellas and scarves that are just delicious. Candy colours and off-beat prints like all her designs, these new looks are as fresh and different as it gets folks, and the umbrellas and scarves are just in time for late fall.

So, if you love originality and funkiness with a J-pop flavour as much as I do...drop in and check out Tweet. These newest songs from this songbird are music to my ears...and coming from a deaf woman, you know that means they are special.

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