Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Frosty Treats for Kids

Over the past few months I have offered store space at Temenos Island to several new, up-and-coming designers in Second Life. Sumire Mochi's Tweet being the first, and now the widest known and talked about. But other new and aspiring designers are always out there, and I like to encourage them as much as possible. Yes, I know that seems odd maybe. They are competition, aren't they? Well, I don't look at stuff that way.

Making a living from art is tough in a society that no longer values art as it did in ages past. I have lived that struggle for decades myself, and I know how hard and how discouraging it can be. In my mind, new artists are my brothers and sisters in a cultural struggle for the value of art and imagination, and they need all the boost and help I can give them. So, when I see a new talent whose work I like...someone I see potential in, or something fresh and different, I like to encourage them. Obviously I can't offer store space to everyone. But, those that I do invite to Temenos, I see something special in. Snowy Cone's Frosty Treats is a good example.

Snowy focuses primarily on making children's clothes, though most of her outfits work as well for the older gals too. bright colours, simple patterns, but cute and perfect for that young...or young at heart...look.

Snowy hasn't been here for long, and yet she already has quite a few outfits up and available, and I see her skills growing and maturing with each one. I greatly look forward to what she comes up with in the next few months in Second Life...Keep up the great work, Snowy!

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