Wednesday, January 20, 2010

40 Days in the Desert

So...yeah. I am still alive. Mostly. Haven't had much time or motivation to be here in the last 6 months, and I haven't touched photoshop in so long I don't remember where the icon is anymore. But, I am alive.

I am sure no one reads this anymore, or remembers who I was even if they do. My old business has died down to a trickle, and I have faded into the flood of newer designers who know...release stuff. But, I kinda needed to start posting here again for myself if for nothing else. So here I be.

Despite my lack of time to be online, I am hanging around Second Life again a few nights a week once more. Boneflower, Temenos, and my other businesses and brands are all pretty much dead, and my hopes and dreams of ever again making my living from SL as I did for so many years is buried now in the grave it belongs in. But, I have been thinking at times that I may someday still get back to designing a few things just for the fun of it. My life is so different now. But I still love the sheer creative impulse of design. So, maybe it will yet happen.

As for Temenos...I am barely keeping up with the payments of the island and have considered what might happen within the next six months if my sales continue to decline to the point I can't afford the sim any longer. But for now, I am limping along. Though Sumire and I have considered totally rebuilding the island at some point, I just don't see when we will ever have time. At least in the coming year.

Well, that is enough rambling for one stormy morning. *Hugs to all from Zoe the Crazy Cat Lady*

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Nissa Nightfire said...

Hey, Zoe :) Good to see you around again~ Everytime I put on my Boneflower jeans, I wonder what you are up to. Hope all is well~