Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Link Arms With the Citizens of Iran

Go Green in Support!

In most of the world we take our votes and our freedoms for granted. So much so that most people rarely bother or care to exercise their right to be heard in elections these days. Yet, right this very minute hundreds of thousands of people are standing up and speaking out; risking their very lives demanding that simple set of rights we all seem to take so casually.

The Iranian election was stolen from its citizens this week, and the government has responded to demands for new elections by throwing foreign news agencies out of Iran, blocking all television and internet news in and out of the country, and beating and killing those protesting for their votes to be heard. Our only sources of what is happening inside Iran come from people just like you and me, who have braved the police and government's threats and violence to come out and protest and send us images by cellphone and twitter of what is happening to them in that now-isolated country.

Please, please look at the link below and see what is going on in a part of the world you may have no knowledge of or link to. Open your eyes and see what is often demanded of those who seek freedom. If you are as moved and staggered by these events and images as I am, I ask you to stand in solidarity with the citizens of Iran and display green on your blogs, websites, and clothing. Show the world, and the government of Iran, and most importantly those fighting and losing their lives for what we so often claim to hold so dear, that we support free and fair elections in Iran and stand with our sisters and brothers there...regardless of nationality, religion, or ethnic background.

Flicker Photos from #iranelection by .faramarz

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