Thursday, March 05, 2009

Have Laptop, Will Travel...

Los Angeles Awaits

As indicated on my other blog (see The Broken Doll in the sidebar) I am preparing to make one of the biggest moves of my life. I leave for Los Angeles in 2 days to try to locate a place to live and a temporary job until Second Life can once again support me. Within a few short weeks I will be completely transplanted to the other side of the country. Seems more like an alien world at this point.

This means I will be slowed a bit in my attempt to re-invigorate the business here in SL. However, nothing has changed you can be sure. My plans remain the same, and as soon as I am settled back into a halfway decent routine, i will be picking up where I left off, designing lots of new scuplted outfits. I am very hyped for it. But the move must come first. :3

At some point after the move I also plan to redesign Temenos once again. So, feel free to start letting me know any complaints, praises or ideas concerning the old build and the current one to help me better know how to re-design the sim. All feedback is welcome.

In the meantime, as things are in flux, you can always follow the progress of my insane life and the move on the other blog. If you were so incline. Which I am sure you are not. :p

Wish me luck. I am gonna need it. @__@


Nissa Nightfire said...

wishing you the best, Zoe :)

Zoe Llewelyn said...

Thank you, Nissa. It has been am amazing and surreal trip so far. Perhaps the best week of my life. I pray it's only the first of many such weeks in my new home here in L.A. :3

Nissa Nightfire said...

i will pray that for you as well~ and glad to hear it is going well :)